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AIT Subcommittees


Joel Reeves, CHAIR (Assistant Vice Chancellor & CIO)
Erin Chapin (ORE Communications Coordinator)
Steve Milewski (Assistant Professor in Library)
David Ndiaye (Assistant Director, Disability Services)
Natalie Johnson (Management Specialist; HR)
Bryan Hilbert (Coordinator, Disabilities Careers, Student Life)
Leigh Shoemaker (Assistant Director, Creative Communications, web development experience/access)

This subcommittee will determine the best, most effective, way to create awareness of the changing societal/legal expectations regarding accessibility, disseminate information about the Accessibility Implementation Team, develop appropriate messaging guidelines (terminology, etc.) for our team, publicize opportunities for contribution and feedback in the process, publicize the new policy when finalized, work with the training subcommittee to communicate those opportunities, and continue to publicize progress toward goals. Any public communication regarding this effort will be sent for review by this subcommittee. This group will work with Creative Communications to design and build the website, which will include at least a reference/link to everything about accessibility at UT Knoxville. A timeline will show various communications and the development of the website.



Heather Hartman, CHAIR (Summer School Coordinator)
Tashika Griffith (Associate Dean, Disability Services)
Jenny Richter (Associate Director, Office of Equity/Diversity; ADA Contact)
Matthew Scoggins Consulting (General Counsel)

This subcommittee will review accessibility policies from peers and aspirant institutions, review legal requirements, confer with other subcommittees for recommendations, develop and propose an Information, Materials & Technology Accessibility policy for the UT System, for consideration by the President. The subcommittee will draft an accessibility policy for UT Knoxville and develop procedures and a monitoring process to ensure that we are working toward accomplishing goals. This group will communicate with the System re: Any new developments and the status of our efforts on this campus. This group will also develop a timeline for implementation in these areas. (Study Group Recommendations 1, 4, 9) Rev. 4-29-15



Jean Derco, CHAIR (Executive Director, OIT; training experience)
Jennifer Gramling (Director of Online Programs; training experience)
Mari Beth Coleman (Asst. Professor in EHHS; expertise in assistive technology)
Lakenzie Crawford (David Cihak’s student; visually impaired)
Bryan Hilbert (Coordinator, Disabilities Careers, Student Life)
Steve Milewski (Assistant Professor in Library)

This subcommittee will be primarily addressing training opportunities and the development of accessible instructional materials. However, this group will also look at the current state of textbook accessibility, make recommendations for moving forward, and hopefully liaise with the CFO group that will be negotiating the purchasing aspect of the Accessibility Policy. The main focus for this group will be to create awareness among the faculty regarding “universal design” and learning; create standards and templates; identify areas where faculty will need help making their instructional materials accessible; and, develop a variety of methods for UT Knoxville faculty to learn how to develop accessible instructional materials for use on campus and online. Lastly, the group will develop a timeline showing a reasonable implementation in these areas. (Study Group Recommendations 5, 6, 9; support for 2 & 3)



Leigh Shoemaker, CHAIR (Assistant Director, Creative Communications, web development experience/access)
David Ndiaye (Assistant Director, Disability Services)
Adam Cureton (Assistant Professor in Philosophy; visually impaired)
David Cihak (Associate Professor in EHHS; specializes in school-work transitions for persons with disabilities)

Propose a strategy to ensure accessibility of websites, set short and long-term goals, and generate a timeline for achieving each. (Study Group Recommendations 4, 7)